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"Yeah! What's the Turkey Game?" Episode 21 - "Yeah! What's the Turkey Game?" A cornucopia of calls from podcast pilgrims Matt, Katie, Raygan, EJ, and Skyler. Plus, how to play (and win!) the Turkey Game, from Ruth. Album art: Jess S. Call in with an impersonation of a friend or previous contributor to this show, or, as per listener request, submit embarrassing sex stories to 917-512-7401 extension 49953. And keeping sending album art from your picture phones to Thanks for listening and contributing.
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20 - "A Moonbase I Could Live In"

Episode 20 - "A Moonbase I Could Live In"

Out of pocket musings concerning math, astronomy, and astrology from tape-cadets Sam, Elizabeth, Jeremy, Katie, Erin, Sarah, Dustin, Skyler with calculators from Peter, and calculations from Shane.

Album art "Germaine Champion" provided by : Sam

We know what you are, but what are we? we are you! strangely enough! provided you call 917-512-7401 ext. 49953 or send album art (picture messages) to with your name.

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My Podcast Alley feed!
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"We the Gorilla Hole" Episode 19 -
Matt's adorable niece Faith appears in an episode she is far too young to listen to: first time caller Harry admits his first time swear word, followed by a rude chunk of strong language from Katie, Billy, Skyler, Jeremy (and his friend).
Potty mouth James elucidates what it means to eat a chicken;
Jess elucidates what it means to eat near her boyfriend's dad;
Matt and Calvin elucidate the irony of it all.
Finally a legal question from Elizabeth, and a touching vocal post-card from Dylan, Grant, and Dr. Scott Hickey at a Mexican restaurant.

Album art by: EJ. send a picture message from your phone to (with your name) and it will similarly become album art.

Give it a shot! Call 917-512-7401 ext. 49953 and speak. Need a prompt? tell us about thanksgiving or a random line from the book you are reading.
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Episode 18 -
Exhaust any possible left over holiday spirit as we present to you all of your Halloween calls!  Laura's regular End-of-October Party is crashed by uninvited spookiness:  Matt and Katie answer the call as they hunt, document, and schmooze with all sorts of ghoOoOosts. Similarly terrifying encounters from Erin, Skyler, Lily, Jess, James, Rojas, Elizabeth, a different Matt who is a Ghost, and Calvin!

Album art "skank peter" donated by: Emily.
Jealous? Get over it and send a picture from your own picture-phone (with your name so we can credit you!) to

As we hear one holiday pass, we anticipate the next: call us and tell us about Thanksgiving. Or if you don't believe in it: tell us what you want to entitle your autobiography.

917-512-7401 ext. 49953
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The follies of youth run rampant in episode 17! Ten year old Katie loses a million dollar bet, and she should know better! Underage Peter gets a slap on the wrist, and we are all very dissapointed in him! Young Chad Juth practices poor grammar and shame on him! Also, Matt thinks about the children. Sound exciting? Tell us how you really feel! Call 917-512-7401 ext 49953
ALSO, do you have thanksgiving stories? Coz we need 'em!
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Number 16! Hard times are here, just ask our contributors! We DARE you to ask Erin about her houston crisis! Go on, ask Lily about her homework debacle! But whatever you do, don't ask Max about the Yankees. Also Matt gives the blow by blow as he decides to tell his roommates he is moving out! Close your eyes, open your heart: call 917-512-7401 ext 49953!

Also text your cameraphone pics to to contribute album art!
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Hear! an audio crush, unrequited: James (see ep 11) and Katie (see blogs on tape) come to terms, with encouragement from "Stuffing girl" (see ep 12). Learn! about the Uterus from Jess. and Upgrade! as Raygun provides the top notch customer service we've come to expect from a nameless computer store to an important Jamaican in the Big APPLE. Plus! calls both thematically relevant, and not so much, from Peter, Matt, Skyler, Nick, Jason, Jeremy, and Eicher!

Get into it like a sex machine: 917-512-7401 ext 49943. Also, we are now accepting listener submitted album art: send a picture message (of something awesome) to

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More blog for your buck! We're back with gusto in number 14! Contents include: Live lobsters donated by Jess! Fifteen dogs tended by Katie! Twine and old receipts from Tabitha! AND! Skyler ponders dog-cat-human relations! AND! The story of chemical formula boy! Get in on this guys! Call 917-512-7401 ext 49953!
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IT'S FINALLY DONE! We're back from the dead because that is spooky! And we finished our critics episode! See here! Our logo, ridiculed! The question of Katie's bigotry, settled once and for all! Matt's drunk dialing addiction, addressed! Calls you made about our calls, responded to! All this and one unlucky contributor gets kicked off Blogsontape island! You did it! 917-512-7401 ext 49943
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